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Technologies that Changed Music Production Forever

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Changes in technology have shaped all aspects of our lives, and music is no exception. As far as technology change is concerned, it appears that the art is left out. The truth is that these creative fields gain or lose in the long-term. Music is one of the creative areas that are being influenced by changes in technology. Ideally, every person listens to music. Innovations in software and hardware have changed the way people listen to music and how they create music.

The Phonograph

Thomas Edison is known to have created the phonograph. This is a device that brought music into the living rooms across the world. In the past, music was meant for live performances for the elite in concerts or ballrooms. Indeed, it was the first device that could reproduce the recorded sound. Also, it produced coldplay ghost stories tracklist. That encouraged the rise in popularity of other genres such as blues and jazz.

The Electric Guitar

musician playing a guitarCan you think of music without an electric guitar? How many of your favorite music plays include an electric guitar? The electric guitar was created in 1941 by Les Paul. He was not aware that this instrument would change the music industry forever. The ease of use made it a staple for musicians who wanted to challenge the existing sounds. You should think where your favorite artist would be without the creation of this type of guitar.

Multitrack Recording

Multitrack recording is one of the things that are easily taken for granted. Although it is difficult to imagine because everything is digital, sound engineers and musicians had to record a full track in a single take. This technology enabled songs to be broken down into various sections, one at a time. That allowed for adequate room for experimentation and time to perfect albums and songs.

Effects Pedals

effect pedalsAlthough it is weird to think of it as these effects are not recreated digitally, the effect pedals are the bee’s knees when they came into the world of music. These pedals allow musicians to add effects to their music such as reverb, distortion, chorus, and other components of a track. They allow the artists to add another dimension to the music performances. For many years, they have ruled live studios and music festivals.

The Turntable

The turntable has been a vital component to hip hop. This device allowed DJs to offer their perspectives on various songs. That eventually brought other popular music genres like house music and techno.…