E-Mail Fax: All You Need to Know

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Sending fax via e-mail is now option. It is possible to send a fax via e-mail without owning a fax machine. Many businesses still insist on the use of fax because it is more secure than e-mail. You can use fax e-mail using your Gmail. It is possible to send a fax but do it through e-mail.

When it comes to e-mail fax, make sure that you observe basic internet security protocols just like you do with e-mail. The best thing with sending a fax via email is the convenience and the less paperwork involved. Here is all you need to know about e-mail fax:

What Do You Need for E-Mail Fax?

faxFor e-mail fax, you need a computer, smartphone or iPad and internet connection. In addition to this, you also need to subscribe to an e-mail fax service. We have a variety of fax service options available out there depending on your needs.

You will pay a monthly subscription depending on the package that you want to take. The package you choose will depend on the number of fax e-mails you send and receive within the month.

How to Send Fax Via E-Mail

Sending fax via e-mail is similar to sending the normal e-mail.However, you need to have a fax number of the person that you are sending the e-mail to.

The first step is to open your e-mail, and on the send section, you input the fax number. After that, you can attach any documents that you want to send and click the send button.

Is E-Mail Fax Secure?

The security of e-mail fax is still an aspect worth discussing. It is essential to understand that no method of communication is 100% secure.

You need to make sure that you observe basic security to make sure that you change passwords safe and also avoid clicking on unknown links. It is possible to make your e-mail fax secure as long as you observe the necessary security features.

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Is E-Mail Fax Better Than Using Fax Machine?

Using e-mail fax has made sending fax easy. It has helped users to eliminate a lot of paperwork that is common when using a fax machine.

Using e-mail fax also brings the convenience of being able to send and receive fax messages when away from the office. However, it is essential to choose a suitable subscription and observe internet security when sending a fax via e-mail.

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