Reasons to Fax Via Gmail

Faxing has never been convenient as it is today. You can now send and receive fax through your Gmail account. With your Gmail address, you can follow some easy steps to complete the process. If you are receiving lots of faxes every day, creating a new Gmail account that is purely dedicated to sending and receiving faxes can be the better thing to do. This is because you can better monitor and organize your fax messages more efficiently.

In four easy steps, you will be able to start faxing and receive fax to Gmail. First, you have to sign in a service provider like Ring Central Fax or eFax. Select between a local or toll-free fax numbers which is needed to convert fax messages to PDF files. You are all done when you enter your Gmail address and account details.

But why do you need to use this new technology? Will it not cause some inconvenience on you or your employees? Undoubtedly, you and your employee handling your faxes may need to adjust at first. Consequently, you will be up for the many benefits of this technology. Here are some of them.

No Need for a Fax Machine

If you have a limited space in your small business, having a fax machine will add to your problem. Your fax machine may also be vulnerable to breakdown if you are using one fax machine. This can cause you to spend on money for maintenance and you may not get messages on time.

Enhanced Convenience

If you only have a fax machine to manage business communications, it may be challenging for you to go to the office after office hours or during the weekend to check on new fax messages. With fax on your Gmail, you can send and receive fax anywhere and anytime.

More Affordable

Maintenance of your old fax machine is not only inconvenient but it may cost you some money. Buying a brand new one may be even more expensive. Besides that, your expenses on paper and ink will go on forever. The same is true with the salary of an employee in charge of receiving and sending fax messages. You can do without all of these expenditures when you convert to faxing with Gmail.

Better Monitoring of Communications

Indeed, this can be the best part of being able to use your Gmail for faxing. You will always be the first to know about messages sent to you. This may not be the case with the traditional fax machine. Fax messages may have to go through an employee to print it and give it to you. What if the employee fails to do his job promptly? What if you do not report in your office for whatever reason? With Gmail faxing, this cannot happen as you can be notified through your mobile and any computing device you are using. You will always be an informed manager with Gmail faxing.…