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RFID: greasing the wheels of Industrie 4.0

Discover modern manufacturing. Industrie 4.0 enables cyber-physical communication that’s faster and less error-prone. One key ingredient is RFID, which delivers the data granularity vital to identifying efficiencies, boosting agility and reducing costs.

Data Collection Trends In Logistics and Manufacturing

Internet of Things, Big Data, Industrial Internet. These are prevalent themes which can be applied in different business areas. How are these three utilized in Logistics and Manufacturing, and what is the role of RFID in these trends?

Leaving on a jet plane - with RFID

Aviation industry is taking advantage of tracking with RFID in versatile operations. Here we present a few use cases, which have seen RFID enhancing the aviation operations.

Use case scenarios for area reading

In our previous two articles we have introduced some of the Nordic ID directors’ aspects about future RFID application systems including new sorts of fixed readers. Now it is time to hear what Atte Kaskihalme has to say.

Benefits of RFID in tracking assets and RTIs

RFID implementation process involves several questions from those who are interested in applying the technology in their business. This article takes a closer look at some of the benefits behind RFID from RTI business and asset management perspective.

Using RFID to manage RTIs in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry

RTIs (Returnable Transport Item) easily get lost due to misplacement. RFID has proven to have a positive effect on inventory visibility. This blog gives an example of how RFID can be cost-effectively applied to FMCG producer – retailer RTI pools.

RFID on the factory floor - Protect the brand by integrating RFID at point of manufacture

RFID is a technology that’s been helping prevent stock-out situations and reducing shrinkage for over a decade. More recently, brand owners have been waking up to the fact that RFID is a powerful tool for safeguarding the brand in several ways.

Intelligent logistics - Closing the loop on transferable assets in logistics with RFID

In the beginning there were only giant, unwieldy tags and readers that cost as much as the assets they tracked. In its infancy, RFID was an expensive solution for tracking expensive assets.

Step inside the School of RFID!

The RFID Arena is an official platform for the School of RFID with articles, white papers and blog posts by industry opinion leaders, Nordic ID RFID experts, organization and university research representatives and retailers.

Get schooled - on RFID.

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