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Don't miss the sale on the 55% of shoppers who walk to your store knowing exactly what they are looking for

Ensuring on-the-shelf availability and correct data online is the key of serving all the shoppers who walk in the store with a specific product in their minds.

RFID ROI-consideration. Earning money – made easy …

In the fashion retail the money is lying on the shelves, we just have to take it. Guest blogger RFID Consultant Uwe Quiede from Tailorit tells how that is done!

RFID 1-2-3: From Data to Knowledge

Inventory visibility has been at the heart of most RFID deployments. the Reduction of out-of-stocks has been the driver for ROI. Once O-O-S has been solved, data starts stacking up on data servers and allows the RFID users to optimize their operations

Geiger Counting Releases Your Best Staff For Selling

From the retail perspective, there is an unlimited number of use cases for Geiger counting as the item-level locating is done in different occasions. In our other article, we introduced Geiger counting. Now we list some of the applicable retail use cases.

Is Christmas here behind just one click?

Omni-channel retail has opened new sales channels for consumers to explore. Many use the given advantages especially in their pursuit for the ultimate Christmas present for their loved one. What role could Click & Collect and RFID play in all this?

Retail RFID – A closer look at C&A

RFID is stated to be worth an investment, although there is always room for improvement. Let’s see how C&A is handling the predominant trends in the RFID business and what they think about RFID.

RFID is everywhere. Or is it?

According to a research conducted by GS1, RFID adoption in retail business has reached a tipping point as more than half of surveyed retailers are now implementing EPC-based identification in their operations. Can we draw conclusions - are half of retailers using RFID?

Bringing continuous area reading into the shop floor

Nordic ID shares some visions of the upcoming innovations among RFID industry. Now it is time to listen to Jessica Säilä, Business Area Director of Retail at Nordic ID, and hear how she sees the role of RFID in future retail operations.

Step inside the School of RFID!

The RFID Arena is an official platform for the School of RFID with articles, white papers and blog posts by industry opinion leaders, Nordic ID RFID experts, organization and university research representatives and retailers.

Get schooled - on RFID.

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