Introduction to Retail RFID Technology, part 4 - Readers and antennas

The article series introducing the basics of RFID ends with the fourth part, which discusses readers and antennas.

Introduction to Retail RFID Technology, part 3 - Tags

The third part of the article series Introduction to RFID technology takes a look at different types of tags. Tags are an essential part of an RFID system as they are used as an identifier for the product.

Is Christmas here behind just one click?

Omni-channel retail has opened new sales channels for consumers to explore. Many use the given advantages especially in their pursuit for the ultimate Christmas present for their loved one. What role could Click & Collect and RFID play in all this?

Introduction to Retail RFID Technology, part 2 - Radio technology and radio waves

This is the second part of the article series Introduction to RFID technology, the basics of RFID explained by the Tech Geek.

Introduction to Retail RFID Technology, part 1

As we talk about RFID a lot, the Tech Geek has been asked the following questions: “What is RFID? How does it work?” School of RFID has been constantly investigating this topic, and now some light will be shed on our findings.

Retail RFID – A closer look at C&A

RFID is stated to be worth an investment, although there is always room for improvement. Let’s see how C&A is handling the predominant trends in the RFID business and what they think about RFID.

Leaving on a jet plane - with RFID

Aviation industry is taking advantage of tracking with RFID in versatile operations. Here we present a few use cases, which have seen RFID enhancing the aviation operations.

RFID is everywhere. Or is it?

According to a research conducted by GS1, RFID adoption in retail business has reached a tipping point as more than half of surveyed retailers are now implementing EPC-based identification in their operations. Can we draw conclusions - are half of retailers using RFID?

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