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Don't miss the sale on the 55% of shoppers who walk to your store knowing exactly what they are looking for

Ensuring on-the-shelf availability and correct data online is the key of serving all the shoppers who walk in the store with a specific product in their minds.

Depending on which study to believe some 85%-90% of purchases are still made in brick-and-mortar environment. Furthermore a recent study reports that 55% of shoppers know exactly what they are looking for when they walk into a store. Webrooming, the practice of researching items online and then purchasing them in-store is surpassing showrooming as a phenomenon. Consumers tend to webroom as they don't like to wait for products nor pay for the delivery. Additionally, consumers are more and more time conscious and don't want to make unproductive trips to stores.

Customer _attitude _shopping _behavior

How can retailers make sure they maximize their sales on webrooming customers?

Customers who browse the internet are not necessarily loyal at the point of researching information. Therefore, ensuring the customer finds the information easily is the starting point. The next and certainly an important point is making sure the information is up-to-date and valid. Here is where RFID can make a difference.

RFID will provide visibility to WHERE & WHAT you have in stock

As many real-life cases as well as studies prove, RFID increases data accuracy up to 95%-98% level. Just as an example a successful retailer, who predominantly fills online order from stores would have rejected 70% of the orders due to non-availability. This was caused by data inaccuracy. RFID allowed the retailer to focus their efforts around understanding the non-malicious and malicious stock as well as file accuracy instead of trusting the system. The change has increased the stock accuracy up to 98% level. Today the stores no longer need to reject orders and return payments to the customers.

When you know exactly which store stocks a given product, you can automatically divert the customer to that particular store to pick up the item there. 


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  1. Posted 02 September 2016 at 13:55:28

    Nice article Jessica. RFID tags applied to textile, can provide accurate data, not only for in-company view, but also for those customers that do not check the products online and they want more information about the product at the sales point. RFID can be applied to one thing with more than one application.

  2. Posted 23 November 2016 at 12:35:54

    A great post. Every shop keepers will have a clear idea about their customers and what will they buy which is the most important key to success. What I can say is, RFID is performing well and efficiently.

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