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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog. Distance and demand - no challenge for RFID. American Apparel deploys RFID.

RFID solves distance and demand issues in Fashion - great blog post by Jessica Säilä. American Apparel deploys RFID in all their stores. Nordic ID will be attending Eurocis, SICUR and Checkpoint Apparel Day! High-tech RFID pigs? Are you on the RFID map?

The world is your fashion market!

Jessica Säilä has written an excellent blog about how RFID combined with online shopping and shared stocks in the DC can create tremendous opportunities for retail fashion. This is an absolute must-read!

You can read the brilliant article here.

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American Apparel deploys RFID in all their stores

After several years of testing item-level EPC Gen 2 passive tags and readers at select locations, American Apparel has decided to equip all of its 280 stores with UHF RFID technology.

The system will track every item and what happens to it from entering the store to leaving it accompanied by a customer. Benefits that have been discovered are: increased inventory accuracy, reduced incidence of shrinkage and increased sales. Read the whole article here.

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Nordic ID events the weeks to come

February and March are active and busy months for Nordic ID and that's a good thing! Come and meet us at:

February 28th - March 1st   
Düsseldorf, Germany

February 28th - March 2nd  
Madrid Spain

Checkpoint Apparel Day
March 1st                             
Düsseldorf, Germany

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Jessica Säilä and Nordic ID in logistics magazine "Manialehti"

Nordic ID is featured in the Finnish logistics magazine Manialehti in an article with the heading "Tagging brings transparency to logistics". If you can handle the language, read the whole article here.



RFID aporta la logística de celulosa en una nueva era
(RFID brings pulp logistics to a new era)

Atte Kaskihalme, Sales Director and Vice President at Nordic ID, has written an excellent blog post about the benefits of implementing RFID in pulp logistics. The article has been published on the Uruguayan site  "Servicio de prensa forestal" in Spanish. For those of you who prefer English, the blog post can be found here as well.

High-tech RFID pigs

Animals tagged with LF RFID tags is nothing new, but animals tagged with UHF RFID tags and tracked with RFID mobile computers and gate readers is! Read more about how Danish Agriculture & Food Council's Pig Research Center have tested tracking pigs from the minute they are born until they are sold or received at a slaughterhouse.

Shutterstock _25509904 Pig

Map of RFID

Let us present to you - an interactive map of organizations related to RFID around the globe! These can be everything from vendors, research institutes to end users. Make sure you're on it!


More news next week, so stay tuned AND have a great weekend!

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